About us

ZYX’s new range is produced with SILVADUR 930FLEX, which has received certification from DuPont, a company with over 200years of recognizing life-changing innovations and technologies.  Offering a stylishblend of functionality, fashion, comfort and antimicrobial technology, ZYX is perfect for those with an active and adventurous lifestyle. Breathable, water repellant, deodorizing and ventilated, ZYX’s clothing line ensures that function, form and fashion come together as one. Numerous tests conducted revealed that even after 50 washes, the functionality of SILVADUR 930 FLEX remained over 99% effective. ZYX has developed aspecialized range of unisex streetwear that integrates functional technology toact as an added line of defense against pathogens. For those who refuse to be tamed and still yearn for an active lifestyle, the time has come to take matters back into your own hands.
Combine safety with fashion, put on your armor and take on the world!